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ZDT Entertainment is a
fully accredited institute
of education.


"The only source of knowledge is experience."

~ Albert Einstein





ZDT Entertainment Network

Apprenticeship - Course Material Fees and Tuition




First you do not pay your tuition until you have been formally accepted into the program by your mentor/instructor.

This occurs only after the two of you agree at your interview that you are a good match.


The complete cost of your ZDT Entertainment Network apprenticeship, includes all placement and setup, course materials, mentor/instructor compensation, and in-studio training.


US $7,950 - Film and TV programs
US $6,950 - Radio and Recording programs

or RECIEVE A $1000 discount and save when you choose to: pay in full by the starting date of your apprenticeship.

US $6,950 - Film and TV programs (with pif discount)
US $5,950 - Radio and Recording programs
(with pif discount)


You can also finance the cost of your apprenticeship. A down payment of US $3,500 gets you into the program, followed by monthly payments as low as US $250*. Note: This is not a fee for applying to the program. You pay nothing until you're offically accepted into the program, and receive contracts from ZDT Entertainment Network's administrative department.

As you'll be serving your apprenticeship at a Recording Studio, Radio/TV station, or Film or Video Studio in your area, no extra living expenses should be necessary.

The interview — in addition to any subsequent interviews you may go on — is completely free of charge.

Should you decide after your interview(s) that this program is not right for you, there is no cost or obligation to you.

The ZDT Entertainment Network is on-the-job educational system, so you will not be eligible for government student loans or grants.You may, however, be able to secure a private loan for the tuition.

* Financed balances are subject to finance charges of 1.75% per month (21% per year).


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