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ZDT Entertainment is a
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"Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine."

~ Elvis Presley


"They put me on the shift where they thought I could do the least harm, midnight to eight in the morning. Although the hours were lousy, they were perfect for an apprentice reporter."

~ Andrea Mitchell


"Music, comedy, drama, even talk shows, and reality TV.
I have accomplished my childhood dream to be in show business. Everybody should be so lucky to have their dreams come true."

~ Dick Clark


"You define who you really are, and create a career strategy that works."

~ Dr. Phil McGraw


"I just try to get out of my own way because if anyone is their own worst enemy, it's usually you."

~ Taylor Dane


"I don't believe in pessimism. If something doesn't come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it's going to rain, it will."

~ Clint Eastwood


"If your world doesn't allow you to dream, move to one where you can."

~ Billy Idol


"If you risk nothing, then you risk everything."

~ Geena Davis


"Life is too short to have anything but delusional notions about yourself."

~Gene Simmons























Major Record Labels, Radio and TV Stations, Recording Studios, and Video and Film Production companies are almost always looking to hire an aspiring talented apprentice. That's where you come in!

ZDT Entertainment Network melds the best characteristics of traditional schools with on-the-job training, to give you the real-world knowledge and experience that employers want.

We offer apprentice training in:

  • Film: Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Ditigal Editor and Cinematographer, Computer Animator, Special Effects Artists and other film and TV positions.

  • Recording: Recording Engineer or Music Producer.

  • Broadcasting: On-Air or On Camera News Anchor or Reporter, Sportscaster, DJ, Voice-Over Personality, Talk Show Host, and more.

    A Proven Method

    Apprentice training is not new. In fact, it got its start in the Renaissance period (around the 12th century). Back then, if you wanted to be a painter, you didn't go to school — you went to work for an established, successful painter. A master craftsman. And you didn't make any money. In fact, you paid for the privilege of working for free, because you knew that was the most effective way to became successful yourself. And guess what... it still works!

    By following this same tried and true apprenticeship method, we have secured jobs for over thousands of beginners the world over, in Film and Video Production Studios, Record Companies, Recording Studios, and Radio and TV Stations

How it Works for you
You're familiar with the old saying: "You can't get a job without experience, and you can't get experience without a job."

Bet you've heard this one, too: "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

Guess what? Both are absolutely true. So how do you get around these obstacles? That's where ZDT comes in.

We connect you to the people that can teach you, give you vital real-world experience, and help you build your industry network. The fact is that you are ten times more likely to be employed through our training program than through any other — simply because this method really works!

Who Trains You

If you are accepted into ZDT Entertainment Network's program, you'll get the same class materials you'd receive at any university or college. But rather than some out-of-touch college professor, your teacher will be the head of the actual station or studio where you are training. And the training is always done one-to-one — one student apprentice, one instructor or mentor.

You're First in Line for That Job

Your mentor is the same person who occasionally has to hire beginners, and dreads sorting through resumes of college graduates who don't have a clue what how the business really works.

Put yourself in their shoes: Wouldn't you rather hire your own private student apprentice, someone you personally groomed and taught on-the-job in the real world?

If they don't have a spot for you at their facility, they're eager to pick up the phone and recommend you to their colleagues. After, it's a point of pride for them how well you did!

ZDT Costs Less Because...

At a standard trade school, you'd pay anywhere from from US $15,000 to US $80,000.00. Go to a colleges or university and the price can be even more. Plus you have additional expenses, since generally you have to move to and live in another area. But with our program, the only costs are your instructor and course materials.

A large porition of the tuition, in fact, goes directly to your instructor. Your instructor also receives a bonus once you get hired, either by them or by another Studio or Station. So your instructor is definitely motivated to get you working.

But it's no surprise that they won't accept you at all if they don't think that you have the potential to be a good employee.

Is It For You?

The very nature of the on-the-job training process requires that we select you as we would an employee, not as a school would screen a potential student. We're looking for people who can become good, reliable employees. You don't need any previous experience. What you do need is attitude, motivation, dedication, and punctuality.

There is no age limit for our program. We've placed people who were as young as 14, and as old as 72. In fact many of our successful graduates are baby boomers who finally got the nerve to follow their dreams.

Acceptance is only via a personal interview at a major Recording Studio, Radio/TV Station or Film Studio in your local area.


Work With Your Schedule

Should you be accepted, your training will generally take place during your off hours: most likely evenings and weekends. You still can (and may want to) keep your day job, at least in the beginning.

Think of taking guitar lessons. Because your mentor works with you one-to-one, you will able to fit this into your schedule. Even if it takes you longer to finish, you can do it. So don't put it off because you "don't have the time." You can make it work!

What Are You Waiting For?

Ready to take the next step? Fill out the application to see if we have any current openings in your area. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for arranging a personal interview with a recording studio, radio/TV station, or film/video production company in your city, or surrounding area. What do you have to lose?



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