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Job Assistance Program



Once you graduate from the ZDT Entertainment Network mentorship program, you get up to seven years of job assistance through our powerful network of contacts in the business. Here's what you can expect.

You've Got Your Foot In the Door.

More than 75% of mentorship program graduates receive job offers: Either their mentor hires them, or recommends them to an associate who does. The old saying is true: It's who you know!

Our Network Is Your Network.

But that's not all. ZDT Entertainment Network is associated with thousands of film studios, TV and radio stations, and recording studios. Mentors from these companies are always looking for qualified people. They know we provide them with qualified, talented, driven students. Guess who they're going to go to for employees?

We Hook You Up.

When openings arise, we're eager to give them to our graduates. Keep in touch and let us know what you're doing, so we can connect you to the best opportunities in your field.












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