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"Don't ever give up on your Dreams, keep a child like quality of believing anything is possible & it will be. Do not listen to those who discourage you. For they are the ones who did not have the courage to pursue theirs. You never want to look back and say, If only I would have, but rather at least I gave it my best shot. In following your dream sometimes you get to live it for awhile by doing what you want for a living and You'll never work another day in your life. Don't just dream, Be"

~Zachary Nevel




ZDT President

Zachary Nevel



Do you want to work in the exciting industries of Radio, Recording, Television or Film?

Are you locked into the "grind?" Do you dread going to work every day? You'd be amazed at how many people feel just that way. In fact, many people do not realize that they truly can enjoy what they do for a living.

Would you like to look forward to getting up in the morning, eager to start your day? I know I can help you achieve your goal. And what's more — I want to! That's my passion.

It won't be easy. In the entertainment industry today, the reality is that without experience you can't get work, and without work you can't get experience. Studios want to hire people with real hands on production time, and they always go first to their fellow industry professionals for recommendations.

ZDT Entertainment Network will provide you with the best possible opportunity to break into the business. How? It's simple: ZDT Entertainment Network was designed not only to give you training, but also the experience that's so critical to success. ZDT delivers this via on-the-job training at our nation wide network of Radio, Recording, Film, and Television Production Companies

You train with professionals working in major studios in your local area. You get to build your resume and develop contacts while you are learning. This method works so well that over eighty five percent of students using it have gone on to rewarding careers in the industry.

And we know, because those of us at ZDT Entertainment Network share over 40 years experience helping people exactly like you. I have placed thousands of students into jobs in their chosen fields. It is my personal commitment to you that should you be accepted into the program, I'll work to insure your success, from placement with a mentor to landing that first job — and more.

But our standards are very high. You must be serious about a career in this business, and have a strong motivation to succeed, in order to be accepted into this program.

My primary aim is to help aspiring and rare talented individuals throughout the world — from all walks of life — get their dream jobs in Radio, Recording Engineering, Film And Video production.

If you won't settle for anything less than an exciting, challenging and creative career with virtually unlimited potential, then ZDT Entertainment Network is here to make your dreams a reality.


"I wish you luck"

Zachary Nevel

Seen Here at The MTV Music Awards

Zachary has shared recording credits with a long list of artists and has apeared on MTV , VH1, and MTV2

Because of his years in the business, Zachary carries a special enthusiasm for helping people fulfill their own dreams in the entertainment industry.

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