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ZDT Entertainment is a
fully accredited institute
of education.


"I soon gave up schooling for self-teaching."

~ Tommy Shaw


"My sole focus as far back as I can remember was all about my dream."

~ Sheena Easton


"More than art, more than literature, music is universally accessible...
If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time."

~ Billy Joel




5 Steps




1) Getting to Know You

Your completed application starts us on the road to learning about you as a person — who you are and what you want from your career.

Within two days, we'll give you a call, to discuss your interests and goals, and any preference you may have about where you would like to train. It's also your chance to learn more about us at ZDT, and the apprenticeship system. Please ask as many questions as you like — we want you to feel comfortable!

If you and your ZDT Entertainment Network admissions representative agree that you're ready move forward, we'll begin the placement process.

2) Selecting Your Training Location

Some aspiring apprentices have a good idea of where they'd like to train (if you don't, no need to worry; we're here to advise you). Because ZDT is so well-connected in the Recording, Broadcasting, and Film/Video industry, it's quite possible that we can put you into the studio or station you request. However, remember that we're looking at the whole picture, and are considering factors of which you may be unaware.These factors may include employment prospects at that facility, the mentor's track record of students placed in the area, or even the growth potential down the line.

Both ZDT and your admissions representative has your future and our reputation at heart while selecting your location and setting up your interview. Part of our goal is
working to determine the best long-term prospect for you

As you probably realize, this process doesn't take place instantaneously. We spend time finding the right mentor for you, and the mentor needs some time to prepare for taking you on as an apprentice. It will probably be a couple of weeks before your initial interview is scheduled.

3) Meeting the Mentor

Now it's time for your interview with the person who could become your mentor. You actually go to the selected location, and will usually have the opportunity to tour and get a sense of the place.

You and your mentor will discuss a number of things, including the scheduling of your training sessions, what aspirations you have for your career, and any other subjects that come up. Bascially, you both are there to determine if the two of you seem like a "good match."

4) The Last Hurdle

Once you've met your mentor, your ZDT representative will contact you to see how it went. We also have the same discussion with the mentor. Ultimately, it is up to the mentor whether or not you can enter the program at that location.

Why does the mentor get to make this determination? Remember, it's an important decision for them: By accepting you, they're letting you into their private workplace. It's critical that they feel comfortable with you, and confident that the two of you will be able to work together well.

If your mentor gives you the "thumbs up," it means they believe you have the potential to become a professional in their industry. Further, they agree to "take you under their wing," by tutoring, guiding, and advising you. Eventually, they may hire you, or recommend you to their colleagues. Congratulations! You're primed for success.

(Should the mentor not accept you, it's possible that the problem may be solved by pairng you with a different facility/mentor. If that's the case, we'll try to set up another interview for you.)

5) Beginning Your Program

Now is when you send in your ZDT Agreement, along with your tuition fee. Once those have been received at our offices, we'll mail you and your mentor all of the course materials. You are on your way!



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